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User data creates value and risk – and auditing helps to define them.

Do your lawyers know what your growth and marketing teams have been building? Are you auditing partners and the legacy systems for new data supply channels outside your control? Are your clients and users being protected by your own systems with deny lists and sandboxing techniques? Are you at risk of Magecart supply chain attacks? These questions and more must be answered by any good data supply audit.

Analytics Builds & Data Flows

We’re experts in tag management, analytics builds and many types of web and app publishing, with a focus on advertising. If we don’t have the experience to support your project, we’ll try to recommend a peer in the industry who can.

Privacy Research

Our user data privacy research has been featured in a wide variety of industry publications, official complaints, and prominent newspaper articles. We can help with private audits, and research written to be released publicly – whatever the client prefers.

Optimization Audits & Rebuilds

Analytics rebuilds are crucial for optimizing page load speeds, accurately deploying consent management systems, cleaning up tag management deployments, and a wide variety of business objectives that can impact business revenue and user privacy.

User Data Privacy Research

Data Sharing and Data Supply Chain Portability Creates Risk

Our research on user data supply chains and data breaches has been featured in The New York Times, the Financial Times, and numerous industry publications. We believe that organizations should be aggressively auditing their own practices, creating standards and holding partners to those standards, and participating in industry and political discussions about the direction of user data standards and the technical measures needed to collect consent from people while defaulting to the most privacy-safe options.

If you are sharing data or building even modest data supply chains, you must assume inherent risk and conduct nuanced audits into your practices to ensure your policies align with the reality of your technical systems.


What Can We Do For You?

Development Support

We've worked on a wide variety of tech and publishing stacks, and have built dozens of websites. If you are looking for a simple Wordpress website like the one you're staring at, and want zero external network requests in the build, we're happy to try and help with that.

Tag Management & Pixel Audits

We know that most websites have a mixture of page templates and subdomains, and over time, it's common to see a wide variety of javascript data collections across an enterprise. We can help you audit your current collections, organize best practices, and help to ensure that you control all the pixels across your websites.

World Class Research

Are you looking to map a complex data supply chain? Need support to parse a complex technical ecosystem? Our user data privacy research is focused on facts, with clear documentation and actionable details. 

Mobile Strategy & Futureproofing

Building mobile apps needs requires an honest discussion about monetization opportunities and the evolving mobile ID landscape. We provide ad-hoc consulting to support mobile app audits and specific strategy discussions and training to help organizations conduct more partner app & SDK audits.

User Data Privacy Audits

Do your lawyers know what your growth and marketing teams have been up to? Do your policies align with your practices? We can help you conduct fine-grained data audits across your websites and apps with an eye towards GDPR & CCPA compliance -- we aren't lawyers, but we'll try to point out exactly where we feel grey areas exist and where we think any data flows could cross ethical or legal lines.

Training & Support

If you aren't flatening your auditing systems, you aren't empowering enough people to take ownership of compliance. We strongly believe that with the right tools, and policy templates discussed through collaboration, more and more people can become data auditors or can support specific types of data auditing projects within an organization. 

The Data Blog

Ramblings on User Data, Privacy &
the Global Data Supply Chain

SafeGraph Claimed to Not Deanonymize Individuals, Partnered with Former Yandex Data Scraper with a Shell Company Who Openly Scraped U.S. Government Datasets to Build SafeGraph Integration for Ad Targeting

For a significant period of time, and until relatively recently, registered California data broker SafeGraph was providing an “Ad Targeting” user data appending service that openly used a 100+ million person-to-home-ownership database in the United States, openly...


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