Win with data-driven decisions

Don’t Guess. Just Test.


From market research, to internal audits, I’ll help you understand what other people are doing, ways you could improve, and how to better understand your audience.


Looking to quickly launch a series of landing pages? Need help with a full website revamp? Building your startup and want a product audit? Boom, I got your back.


I strongly believe in iterative website optimization through testing. There is no better way to ensure that you’re making data-driven decisions!


Once a website or app has been built, it’s essential to continuously optimize and improve your website based on the engagement of your users.

Meet Zach Edwards, founder of Victory Medium

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I got my teeth sharpened on digital campaigns while working for over a year and a half on Barack Obama’s first Presidential campaign and directing/co-directing new media operations in 5 primary states (Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, North Carolina, South Dakota) and Iowa during the general election. I’ve worked on digital strategy and research for dozens of political organizations and politicians, including work on behalf of former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Houston Mayor Bill White.

In 2011, I co-founded my first startup, My Digital Manager, a digital asset management platform to help clients organize and search through terabytes of video data. I also co-founded a company focused on the energy data standard Green Button, an advocacy app for crowd-sourced calling campaigns, and have been building my data-driven consulting firm, Victory Medium, since early 2012. Over the last 3 years, I’ve worked on nearly a dozen product launches, managed and optimized over $500k in online ads, and launched hundreds of website tests and segments to iteratively optimize client websites and landing pages.

I’m an expert on online community building, online advertising, advanced analytics and tag management setups, conversion optimization and website testing, image and video production, and website architecture. I’ve got a passion for film, and led the digital strategy for the Origins documentary release in November 2014 that saw over 700k free views of the movie on YouTube, and hundreds of thousands of shares on social media. I am currently working on the digital strategy for the documentary film Gods in Shackles – we just finished our second successful IndieGoGo fundraising campaign in February 2015, and look forward to our release later this year!

Fun fact: I played professional poker in Las Vegas for 3 years and consider myself an expert on Omaha hi-lo poker. If you want to know more about what poker and iterative website optimization have in common, check out my article that explains why testing is the poker tell of the digital world.

You Want Updates?

Data-driven decision making is an evolution, not a revolution.

If you have a website or are running a digital campaign, you are doing something wrong. That’s a fact. Every website is a work in progress, and every digital effort can be improved.

My goal is to help people realize that even if you are doing one thing wrong, or fifty things wrong, you can slowly improve. Improving your website is a process that should continue indefinitely. If you think you are “finished,” then that’s the first sign of failure.

Repeat with lessons learned

Monitor User Behavior

Advanced Analytics

Simplify Your Goals

Google Analytics

Engaging Copy and Images

Test and Optimize

Hypothesize Problems

Know Your Audience

Know Your Global Audience


The funnel is short sited — the repeat customer

Landing Page Layouts

Learn From Your Peers & Other Websites

Something You Are Doing Sucks

Data Analysis – Let the data make the decision

Actionable Changes

Basic Technology Standards

How do you appeal and what is your value proposition?

A Social Experience
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