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Facebook generates nearly all revenue from ads.

Twitter generates nearly all revenue from ads.

 Facebook makes it nearly impossible to browse the site without viewing ads.

Twitter users on 3rd party platforms can avoid ads. Users on barely notice ads and click through rates are abismal.

The majority of Facebook “power” users use Facebook.

The majority of Twitter “power” users use 3rd party apps.

Facebook optimizes their newsfeed for engagement.

Twitter does no filtering/optimization. Twitter has almost completely rejected the concept of conversion rate optimization and how it can affect return visitors and time on site. Dogma has gotten in the way of data and common sense.

How can Twitter continue to ignore engagment as the primary conversion optimization goal when their revenue depends upon engaged (real) users? When will Twitter end the insanity and more effectively filter the home feed so the platform is more approachable for new users, and more flexible for power users? When will see timelines? Day-sorting? Category browsing? What’s stopping inovation beyond their real-time spam feed?

Conversion Rate Optimization isn’t some silly marketing phrase. It’s a strategy to keep growing and engaging users. Facebook optimizes to engagement. Twitter optimizes to smoke and mirrors.