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Facebook ads blocklist with 650 domains

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This is a beta product and there are no performance guarantees. The list was last updated on January 7, 2019. 

This is a free copy of my Facebook ads blocklist -- currently just for domains, not mobile apps. The domains included on this list were added due to a variety of criteria, but the core goal is to reduce costs for advertisers while not impacting results in any significant way. The domains were included based on a variety of factors, data appended from multiple 3rd party services, and custom code reviews of publishers. 

All Facebook Advertisers can upload custom block lists @ https://www.facebook.com/block_lists

When you "complete the purchase" of this free product (I'm just doing this to be able to reach out to folks who get the list to ask about results), you'll get a link to download a CSV - it has 650 domains that I've included in this list. The maximum number of domains that Facebook lets any account upload is 10k domains/urls, and there can only be ONE blocklist per account. So you must "test block lists" in order to really understand how these perform.

Facebook has tens of thousands of publishers in their network (48k from my recent download) and I'll continue to refine and improve this block list based on feedback from any users and my own tests. 

Please be very careful with adding a domain blocklist into an advertising account -- this will reduce your reach and can reduce the number of impressions you're showing. If you have a campaign that is targeted to 5 niche-interest domains, and you add a blocklist with 3 of those domains, you'll see that pretty clearly in the impression data. My recommendation is to upload your Facebook block list, and then monitor the results every single day for the first week, and then determine if you've been able to save costs by avoiding these publishers. 

Please message me at zach@victorymedium.com if you have any questions or concerns. I'd love to be able to customize block lists or try to work on any reporting to determine the success of these lists. Thanks for beta testing this Facebook ads domain block list and any feedback!