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User data creates opportunities & risk

Organizations that collect and share user data can do it effectively and safely — but you must comply with complex legal frameworks, and evolving technical standards.

Does your organization actually know what you do with user data on a daily basis?

And do you have a plan for the next 2 years as new legal frameworks and cookie restrictions go online?

We help organizations collect consent & safely manage their user data.

Zach Edwards - Founder @ Victory Medium

Zach leads the overall analytics and optimization efforts and has been a full-time digital strategist for over 13 years, working on dozens of campaigns and projects.

For the last 8+ years while at Victory Medium, he has primarily built enterprise analytics and optimization systems, while managing digital and product strategy for a variety of clients. Over the last 2+ years, he has expanded work to more user data supply chain auditing and research projects, and received a privacy certification CIPP/US from the IAPP in early 2020. 


Years Breaking & Building Analytics Systems





Organizations must deeply respect each step of their relationships with people — from casual website viewers to repeat customers. And in the age of GDPR, CCPA and the soon-to-be-implemented (in 2023) California Privacy Rights Act, organizations that have large amounts of user data can no longer ignore their legal responsibilities and new obligations to provide transparency into their own practices. 

You must not only *walk the walk* when it comes to being responsible with user data, but also be able to *prove it* by having effective systems for Right to Delete and Right to Know requirements. 

If your organization didn’t make significant changes after GDPR, or is still trying to navigate exactly how you’ll comply with any federal legislation in the U.S. that would be similar to GDPR, then you need to get serious about organization-wide data audits and data supply chain audits of any systems that partners have access to (particularly via Javascript piggybacking on webpages). 

Organizations can safely and effectively optimize business decisions and increase revenue from user data, but this process is usually broken in many places — with either technical failures or systems that leak user data in unexpected ways.

An organization should be able to navigate how to properly collect consent across the content, services and products that are being offered, while also being to optimize their own marketing and business decisions. And if you don’t know where your systems are currently broken or un-optimized, you’ve got some work to do…


What Can We Do For You?

Development Support

We’ve worked on a wide variety of tech and publishing stacks, and have built dozens of websites. If you are looking for a simple WordPress website like the one you’re staring at, and want zero external network requests in the build, we’re happy to try and help with that.

Tag Management & Pixel Audits

We know that most websites have a mixture of page templates and subdomains, and over time, it’s common to see a wide variety of javascript data collections across an enterprise. We can help you audit your current collections, organize best practices, and help to ensure that you control all the pixels across your websites.

World Class Research

Are you looking to map a complex data supply chain? Need support to parse a complex technical ecosystem? Our user data privacy research is focused on facts, with clear documentation and actionable details. 

Mobile Strategy & Future-proofing

Building mobile apps needs requires an honest discussion about monetization opportunities and the evolving mobile ID landscape. We provide ad-hoc consulting to support mobile app audits and specific strategy discussions and training to help organizations conduct more partner app & SDK audits.

User Data Privacy Audits

Do your lawyers know what your growth and marketing teams have been up to? Do your policies align with your practices? We can help you conduct fine-grained data audits across your websites and apps with an eye towards GDPR & CCPA compliance — we aren’t lawyers, but we’ll try to point out exactly where we feel grey areas exist and where we think any data flows could cross ethical or legal lines.

Training & Support

If you aren’t flatening your auditing systems, you aren’t empowering enough people to take ownership of compliance. We strongly believe that with the right tools, and policy templates discussed through collaboration, more and more people can become data auditors or can support specific types of data auditing projects within an organization. 

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