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Social Media Automation & Twitter’s New TOS

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At Victory Medium, we're big fans of MeetEdgar for our social automation, and we also believe in testing as much as possible. That's why, when Twitter announced their TOS updates to ban duplicate content, we knew it was a great opportunity to double-down into a new MeetEdgar tool to schedule variations of posts. We also took the time to quickly check other enterprises social media automation tools to see how their versioning and post a/b testing stacks up to MeetEdgar. We focused on SproutSocial, AgoraPulse HootSuite, and Buffer.

There are plenty of social media automation tools to choose from that offer automated scheduling. With Hootsuite, SproutSocial, and Buffer, you schedule individual posts and once they are live, that’s it, they’re never posted again. However, with MeetEdgar and AgoraPulse you are given the opportunity to build an evergreen content library, organize it into categories and create a schedule for your posts based off of those categories. Most importantly, tools like MeetEdgar and AgoraPulse break the cycle of spending tons of hours manually refilling an empty queue and giving a social media post multiple chances to reach a different audience.

On March 23rd, Twitter changed their Terms of Service to specifically ban duplicative tweets. This means that you can no longer post the same tweet to multiple accounts. This also means that once you post or schedule something to post on Twitter, it is against Twitter's terms to ever allow the same post on the same Twitter account again.

While every social media automation tool was made aware of these changes, MeetEdgar is the only one that has adapted. MeetEdgar now offers a new accommodating feature, the variations feature. With this feature, you can add unlimited amounts of variations to a single social media post without leaving the website. You can manually enter new variations or if your post includes a website, MeetEdgar can automatically create different variations for you.

MeetEdgar variations option

If you click auto-generate variations, MeetEdgar will pull text from the website you provided in order to create different variations:

MeetEdgar variations option

Always make sure to double check the “suggested post” because it is just random text pulled from the link provided.

Social media is constantly changing, and it’s up to these automation tools to react and adapt. MeetEdgar is taking content automation to the next level by listening to social media platforms and responding in the most beneficial way possible. Stay tuned for more information on MeetEdgar’s new updates and features including:

  1. New Integrations & Tools - If you’re wanting more tools for getting content into MeetEdgar, and quickly, You’ve got ‘em! New importing integrations like Wordpress, Medium, and YouTube are on the way.
  2. Instagram - Originally, MeetEdgar was only integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Instagram will soon be making its debut on Edgar, and I can’t wait to see what the two have to offer together.
  3. Mobile Friendly Experience - MeetEdgar will soon be available on the go! Team Edgar is working on creating a user-friendly app with updates and features like an in-app image editor, content discovery tools, and more.

While we aren't going to change to AgoraPulse, although their social media publishing queue with categories looks tempting. They did not change their tool at all to accommodate the new Twitter TOS and we can’t convince ourselves to abandon MeetEdgar’s new variation feature. However, we'd love to see MeetEdgar develop the ability to assign tasks and provide analytics for review to see how posts are performing.

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