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How to Invite an AdWords Agency to Access Your Account

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My Client Center or MCC is used by  account managers to simplify their task of accessing different client accounts. Typically, there would be more than a handful of clients for a PPC marketing agency, and keeping a record of individual AdWords account login details for each client and accessing different client accounts at the same time would be hard to manage. That’s where MCC come into play.

Why Use MCC?

MCC helps you link your AdWords account to us or any other reputable digital marketing agency without sharing your Google Account login details. This enables us, the AdWords marketing agency, to analyse and manage your AdWords campaigns by using our own Google Account details.

Granting AdWords access to a digital marketing agency via MCC gives you, the client, absolute control over your account. Sensitive information, like your credit card details or Google login details, won’t be visible to your account manager even if he is allowed access to your account.You can also remove an account manager’s access from your AdWords Account at any time if you want to.

How to Link?

If you have an existing AdWords account, then you can link it to a MCC through the following steps:

1. Provide Account Number to Manager

Your AdWords account would have a ten digit account number displayed at the top of the screen in your account. Share the number with the AdWords manager so that he can add you to his MCC.

2. Get MCC Invitation

After you have sent the manager your account number, he will use it to link your account to the MCC. You won’t get any invitation through your email.

You will receive an invitation in your AdWords account to join the MCC, so you have to login and look for it.

3. Accept Invitation

At the top right corner of your account, there’s a small gear icon that displays the settings. Click on the icon to access the drop down menu, and then select “Account Settings”.

Following this, you will be directed to a page where on the top left section you will see a list of options. Select “Account Access” from there to get the following window.

Within that, at the bottom, you will find the section “Client Managers”. In the box there will be a column named “Actions” that will give you the option of “Accept Invitation”.

Clicking on that would allow your AdWords account manager to have access to your AdWords account.

Is Linking Bad for the Account?

Not at all. Linking your AdWords account to an MCC won’t cause any negative impact to your own account.

On the Contrary, it is the account managers who have to be careful in dealing with their clients’ accounts. According to the guidelines set by Google, and as Google AdWords Certified Partnersaccount managers are dependent on the health of the AdWords accounts linked to their MCC account.

Moreover, Google is constantly watching client performances and practices, therefore a certified partner with an MCC will always make sure of safe practices.

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