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269 of the Biggest and Most Sophisticated Websites Analyzed for Ad Networks, Trackers and Analytics Tools

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This past December, my team set out to find new applications, ad trackers, analytics apps and tools being used by some of the biggest websites. After analyzing 269 of the highest-trafficked websites, and the websites of some of the most sophisticated tech companies and marketers, we ended up with a list of 385 different apps/trackers that were identified on these websites. Think of this like a research dump for data-driven tools.

The data was collected with Ghostery, and due to the very fluid nature of web development, we've already noticed some websites are using new apps, and some websites are no longer using apps that we found in the initial research - it will be an ongoing process to keep this updated. With the large amount of data in this research project, these day to day tweaks don't change the overall conclusions about the most popular apps, or the benefits for researching the "hidden gems" used by some big digital organizations.

If you click on apps in the chart below, it will drill down into the websites that were using that app - and then you can click on those websites and drill into the apps on that website. After you click to drill down, there will be a grey button on the top right of the chart to drill back out.

Click here to view a full-screen version of the chart.

Which of these apps have you used? Do you see any gems in here or tools people should be using? Want to embed the chart on your own website? Knock yourself out - please credit Victory Medium and link back to our site. Click here to view the source code.

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